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Moshi Mamba, a non-profit association

Helping people help themselves

(Mradi wa kujenga uchumi endelevu kwa watu wa Moshi Mamba)

Moshi Mamba was started by members of Rotary International who saw a need and wanted to help the people of Moshi Mamba, Tanzania.   

Moshi Mamba, a non-profit association,  is not directly affiliated with Rotary International but was inspired by members who share that organization's ideals. Rotary's motto is Service Above Self and the 2016 theme is "Rotary Serving Humanity."

The goal is to support disadvantaged people in the area of Mamba situated located near the slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Four million children don´t have parents because of HIV and Aids. 20,000 people live in Mamba, with two-thirds of them children. They need a better life, education for children and bathrooms in schools.

We started in 2015

Rotarians and residents in nine villages in the area of Mamba had an idea to start a beekeeping industry together, to make honey and pollinate vegetables and fruits. To start the project they need 140 beehives.  From 140 beehives they will earn profit to buy more hives. The goal is 700 beehives. The project has 90 beehives to date, 50 from Sweden and 40 from Canada.

How did this project develop?

Kerstin Kiltoft has visited Moshi ,Tanzania three times. As a member of the Rotary Club of Solna Haga, Sweden,  she has been involved in a number  of volunteer projects in her sixteen years of membership.   In 2014 Kerstin met representatives from Rotary Moshi Mamba and they told her about the Beekeeping project. Kerstin pledged to  help raise funds for the project in Sweden. Her committment was to buy them up to 140 beehives. This project  really speaks to her heart and she is committed to helping  these beautiful people help themselves.

Non-profit association

Working with a friend in Sweden, Gunnel Sjöström, Grisslehamn, Kiltoft started this non-profit association to promote Rotary Moshi Mamba and the people in the villages of Mamba. The association will manage fundraising, develop the budget and make purchases to support the projects in this area of Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. All funds generated will be used directly in Tanzania.

What is the project?

In addition to purchasing the hives for the beekeeping project in Moshi Mamba, association members  intend to visit the place, the people and Rotary Moshi Mamba. They will have regular contact with the project, the production of hives and the teacher who provides education on Beekeeping.

Helping people help themselves

The association wants to help disadvantaged people realize their dreams and help them start a small business or strengthen an existing business. To make honey and to have the bees pollinate  fruits and vegetables is a good business. Beekeepers earn money to pay their school fee and make themself a better life. People want to feel proud of themself, they want to earn a living and they want to let their children go to school. That´s why the Moshi Mamba Association wants to support them.

Educating future beekeepers

Through this project the association has learned much about the process of beekeeping, its successes and failures. Rotary Moshi Mamba are included in this ambitious  education process. But also a group of villagers are included. The project is teaching people about beekeeping and how to care for the hives. In the future the beekeepers have to be well educated and ready to take full responsibility for their hives. For now we have educated 6 people to help their neigbors. Our wish is that the production of the honey  will become an export product, similar to Tanzanian avocados which are exported to Europe.

The future

The Association is actively working on other self-help projects in Moshi Mamba for the future. They have ideas for projects that can help women operate businesses to support themselves and their families. This is a meaningful project for the association.

As a member of this association….

We encourage you to contribute 200 kr/year (US $25) and support projects such as the beekeeping project now and in the future. Purchase a beehive or give it in someone you love's name, such as your friends and grandchildren. You will get a certificate commemorating your donation.

One Beehive will cost $75 US = 700 kr. Your beehive will have the name of the donor painted on it.

Every quarter you will get an email with a report on the project's success.  We want you to follow our work and we want to listen to your opinion. and, you are welcome to join us in Tanzania in the future.

Fee and donations



Annual conference before the 30th of April

Thank you who are following and supporting  our projects.

Kerstin KIltoft, Grisslehamn,  Sweden

President,, +46705417924

Association number 802504-0794

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Please! Be a member! 200 Skr

Please! bye a Beehive! 700 Skr. It could be a great gift for friends. We will give you a certificate if you ask for it.

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